Our mission

We created Giftwalker to keep the “stress factor” out of planning children’s birthday parties for everyone involved. To accomplish this, we talked to over 100 parents about the challenges they face when it comes to organizing kid’s parties, as well as going to one’s as a guest.

We are determined to meet those challenges and aim to become a one-stop-shop for organizing events - from choosing a party theme and entertainers your kid will love, picking an ideal and affordable venue, setting up a wishlist with most unique gifts, to working with the best caterers and cakemakers who will meet everyone’s dietary restrictions and tastes.

Giftwalker helps you manage all those party details that usually get lost, forgotten, and remove the joy from planning such a special day.

We are reinventing kid’s party planning and gifting by keeping it all in one place

  • Customizable party details and automatic updates to your guests in case you make changes

  • Simple invitation process by adding emails, importing from your contact lists, or sending a party invitation link. You can always invite more guests on the go

  • Wishlist, that lets you choose unique gifts for your child, helps you avoid duplicate gifts, handling receipts and returns. You can always add more gifts on the go, to give your guests enough variety and options

  • Tracking and managing RSVPs, so you know exactly who’s coming

  • Automatic reminders that remind your guests to RSVP and remind them about the party couple of day before, so they don’t forget

Right now, you can organize a birthday party or an virtual event , but our team is working hard on adding more events soon:

  • Mitzvah’s

  • Quinceañera

  • Christenings

  • Surprise parties

  • Any other special occasions

Our team

We want to celebrate the biggest moments in your child's life by building a marketplace that will enable one-stop shopping for all things kids related and help reinvent the way people organize their celebrations. We believe in do it yourself attitude and power of community and local offering to make life better and in a process, we want to take care of kids who have less. We donate 10% of Giftwalker’s profit to help children through the Coalition for the Homeless NY.


Co-founder and CEO of Giftwalker

The father of Giftwalker. After 20 years of working for industry-leading companies in the US, he decided to leave the corporate life and nurture his entrepreneurial side. He attended many children’s parties, and always struggled with the same thing - choosing a gift for a child he doesn’t know well. One problem led to another. His strategical, problem-solving mind quickly developed an idea of building a one-stop-shop for all birthday party related things. When he’s not attending parties, he’s making one’s in his apartment, acting as a great host, main chef, and a cocktail master. Both kids and grown-ups appreciate his unfailing positive energy, smile, and a good sense of humor. You can reach Vlad on vlada@giftwalker.app or connect with him on Linkedin.



Sinisa is the coding master behind the Giftwalker app itself. The one who made the kid’s party planning and gifting so simple. He is passionate about creating technologies that solve real-life problems. He rarely goes to parties, but when invited to one, he likes to bring practical gifts. This year he bought Tatjana a water filter, all wrapped up with a ribbon. She struggled to show excitement but enjoys drinking water with an optimal pH value every day.
You can reach Sinisa at sinisa@giftwalker.app or follow him on Twitter @sinisa_vukovic for some useful open-source programming content (nerd alert!)


JavaScript Developer

Zoran went through a long journey - literally. From Flight Attendant to JavaScript developer, in just a couple of years. He traded exotic beaches of the Pacific Islands to help you choose a meaningful gift for your special one. He’s working hard on expanding our Wishlist, so he almost missed two birthdays this year. He was too busy to go out and choose gifts as well, so he opted-in for his favorite plants. The kids were not amused. Mothers loved it, though.
You can reach Zoran at zoran@giftwalker.app or connect with him on LinkedIn (eventually, he’ll accept your invitation).


Marketing Manager

Tatjana is a full-stack marketing manager, currently busy gathering the army of Giftwalkers. In 2020, she attended three kids’ birthday parties, bought two duplicate gifts successfully, and lost the “Aunt of the Year” award to her younger sister. For the third one, she played safe and spent 30 minutes on the video-call with the mother, from the toy store.
You can reach her at tanja@giftwalker.app or connect with her via LinkedIn - she’s always open to discuss parties, marketing-related stuff, and meaningful business collaborations for Giftwalker.app.


Social Media and Community Manager

Aleksa is our Social Media Manager, with exquisite taste and a keen eye for great design. Besides Giftwalker, he creates stunning visuals for other brands and makes their Instagram feeds look awesome. Secretly, Aleksa is dreaming about every party becoming pet-friendly so he could bring his drooling bulldog Lenka along. He is quite sure the kids would love her but still struggles to get the parent's approval.
You can reach Aleksa at aleksa@giftwalker.app , or join his 19K following on Instagram @Arula_aleksa for great photographs and inspiring content.