Reinventing kid’s party planning and gifting

Giftwalker is all-in-one kid's party planning and gifting app that helps parents manage all party details that remove the joy from planning such a special day.


Customizable Party Details

Customize your special event by adding a cover photo and important party details. Who’s the main star of the party, date, time, place, contact information, and other helpful information (if you are organizing a special theme party or your guests should bring their own cake). Do you wish to make a change to any of the party details? Don’t worry, your guests will get automatic updates, so you don’t need to contact all of them individually.

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Invitation process made simple

Giftwalker Invitation process is made so simple anyone can use it. Send out invitations directly by entering the emails, or choosing from your contact list. The process is also flexible, so you can keep inviting more people as you go.

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Wishlist* that makes everyone happy

With Giftwalker’s wishlist, you can easily choose among a variety of unique gifts for your kid, for every age and every budget. No more handling receipts and returns, receiving duplicate gifts or gift cards. Your kid can get a thoughtful and meaningful present that he or she actually wanted (and that you approve of).

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Know who's coming to the party and don't let them forget about it

When they receive an invitation, your guests will have the option to RSVP to the party, so you’ll instantly know how many guests are coming. If they don’t RSVP immediately -they’ll get an automatic reminder. We also made sure that those who RSVP’d don’t forget about the party, as they’ll receive an automatic reminder a couple of days before.


Why should you organize a party with Giftwalker?

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It’s simple

We made our platform intentionally super-simple so anyone can use it. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to figure out how it works - the steps are quite intuitive.


It’s free

And forever will be. You won’t ever have to pay to use the app or upgrade to remove the ads.

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You’re helping other children too

We donate 10% of Giftwalker’s profit to help children through the Coalition for the Homeless NY.

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